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Hey guys, Betty here; /not/ Carlos. I'm a part of his team, though, specializing in geology and getting uneccisarily angry over things that don't matter. Feel free to bug me anytime you'd like, and reports on new strange phenomena are always appreicated.
((Independant Night Vale OC blog, faceclaim is Gates McFadden. Will roleplay anything with anyone except for NSFW, mun is underage. Tracked tag is yesanotherscientist.))
M!A: none/accepting



college is catered towards the able bodied and able minded. school applauds people who can stay up all night, skip meals, and work endlessly. that kind of extreme contribution is expected. why are disabled people being squeezed out of academic institutions? why should I feel inferior because of some arbitrary and ridiculous standard?



next week is christmas



  • Hate yours
  • Be rude to yours 
  • Become your character’s enemy
  • Be willing to attack/fight yours in a plot
  • Develop a bromance or platonic relationship 
  • Have or receive UNreciprocated feelings with yours
  • Team up with your character against others
  • Otherwise engage in non-romantic interactions



My mum’s friends at work are having a baby and their last name is watts so they were trying work out a name for it, i suggested 60 and they both looked confused so i said maybe 20 would suit them better 



Hannibal AU: 

Will and Abigail move far, far away where they live happily ever after doing mundane things like clothes shopping and eating breakfast and never unknowingly eat people again.


YOU WANNA GO *gives you flowers* ON A DATE

Me at 2 am: I should bake a cake